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CLP works to end inequality between local rural communities and cities, and within communities and cities, in terms of quality of life, access to wealth, material and financial resources, services and amenities, prioritising the interest of the most vulnerable members – women, youths and persons with disabilities.

Our Holistic Community Development programme is driven by a new paradigm of community development, which seeks to build and distribute wealth and prosperity by empowering communities to take their economic destinies and well-being into their own hands.

We excel in changing paradigms and demonstrating workable solutions that are replicable and scalable – solutions and paradigm shifts that bring about quantum leaps in transforming desperate situations for the better.

Our local communities must be enabled to prosper. We need to end the inequality between local, rural communities and cities and within cities and communities in terms of quality of life and access to wealth, material and financial resources, services and amenities. The wealth of the country must go round, be more evenly distributed.

Our philosophy is that all human beings have a right to adequate resources for a quality of life befitting of their human dignity; that all policies must respect and uphold human dignity; whatever undermines the dignity of the human person, society, governments and policy makers have a moral obligation to end. You actually could gamble online during the phone casino. It is the responsibility of all who claim to work on any and all aspects of human development to address poverty as a social justice and human rights issue.


Strategic Objectives

  • Grassroots Communities, Government and other Stakeholders develop, adopt and implement a holistic and integrated Community Development Plan
  • Grassroots Citizens actively engage in Politics and Local Governance
  • Grassroots People embrace integrated Agricultural practices to end hunger and poverty
  • Grassroots people embrace new technology to improve their health, economic and social well-being.
  • Grassroots People gain deeper understanding of the impact of climate change, commit to Positive Life Style changes and work to reduce Environmental Pollution

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