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A Platform for Social Movement of Grassroots Citizens working to enthrone democratic accountability and inclusive development


2019 Elections: The ReclaimNaija Movement


Mobilising Faith Communities for Non-partisan Civic and Voter Education towards the 2019 Elections


Community Life Project-CLP, through its ReclaimNaija grassroots citizens platform, embarked on a massive and unprecedented mobilisation of religious leaders and faith communities across the country. This Civic and Voter education initiative was aimed at creating a safe space for Religious leaders: to show and demonstrate religious tolerance towards people of different faith; to discuss their roles in promoting peaceful elections; and to enhance their capacity to voter education to their congregation in a manner that is not divisive, non-partisan and that engenders unity and peace. CLP partnered with the major Christian and Muslim institutions and organisations with well-established structures to reach the grassroots and took the activities from a High-level forum in Abuja to the different states and to local churches and mosques with the Support of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa, OSIWA. Election Incidents Reporting and Crowdsourcing Platform


For the third successive general election in Nigeria, CLP will be deploying its Ushahidi crowdsourcing platform for election incidents reports :- . This platform was first deployed for the 2011 general elections and adjusted as one of the most successful Ushahidi deployments and was also used for the 2015 elections. The platform helps in amplifying the voices of grassroots people and makes it possible for citizens to observe the electoral process and report incidents of electoral fraud and other malpractices at their own polling units simply by sending text messages or calling dedicated numbers in four major languages (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Pidgin).







Community Life Project (CLP) promotes participatory grassroots development, citizens’ engagement, livelihood, gender equality, popular participation in electoral process, and sexual and reproductive health and rights in Nigeria. Founded in 1992 and registered in May 1995, CLP has over 25 years track record and rich experience in community development, social mobilisation and capacity building of State and non-State actors at all levels on issues of health, livelihood and governance.

CLP is highly effective in bringing about appropriate mindset and behaviour changes as well as active community engagement. With its over 25-year track record, it is exceptionally able to achieve community ownership of interventions and to deliver impact.

Located in Lagos with branch offices in Abuja and Asaba, CLP serves as the institutional base for ReclaimNaija – a broad-based national social movement of Grassroots citizens working to enthrone democratic accountability and inclusive development.

A society where respect for human dignity, inclusion, social and environmental justice prevail
To reduce human misery by empowering citizens to be positive change agents
Making Governance work for the poor by creating the conditions and opportunities that will foster their political and economic empowerment and help them build wealth at the community
Core Values
CLP is guided by the following core values:
1. Mutual Respect: We recognise the innate worth of all people irrespective of their class and position.
2. Integrity: We match our words with our actions, maintaining truthfulness and honesty in all our dealings at all times.
3. Diversity and Inclusion: We embrace all human beings irrespective of race, religion, sex, disability or status.
4. Accountability: We are accountable to our partners, stakeholders, donors and statutory organisations.
5. Community Ownership: We ensure that communities at the grassroots participate actively in shaping the direction of our programmes.

Meet the Board of Directors


Community Life Project has a formidable Board of Directors made up of world acclaimed eminent personalities reputed for outstanding contributions to National and Global development. The Board is the policy-formulating body of the organisation.The policies of the Board are implemented by the Organisation, headed by the Executive Director.

Dr. Adhiambo Odaga


Ms. Ngozi Iwere (Executive Director, CLP)

Mr. Soni Irabor


Mr. Chuks Ojidoh (Deputy Director, CLP)

Ms. Olutoyin Sokefun (TY Bello)

Community Life Project: We care for one another!Our Projects

Impact and Reach over the Years

7860Grassroots Community Leaders, women and youths impacted with knowledge of HIV & AIDS
155003Direct Reach: Grassroots Community Leaders, Women and Youths Directly Empowered
2300000Indirect Reach: Grassroots Community Leaders, Women and Youths Indirectly Empowered
31121Grassroots Community Leaders empowered as Civic & Voter Educators
217Voter Education Town Hall Meetings organised in the Country
5Geopolitical Zones Reached with various grassroots inclusive programmes across the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory
25Years track record and rich experience in community development, social mobilisation and capacity building