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2nd Biennial National Conference on Community Development in Nigeria

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The 2nd National Conference on Community Development in Nigeria took place from June 14 – 19, 2009 in Abuja. After the successes recorded at the 1st Conference, the 2nd Conference sought to strengthen efforts to promote a truly people-centred and community-driven development in Nigeria by examining new perspectives in Community Development in Nigeria. The conference had as its overarching theme, “The Role of the Community in National Development: New Perspectives”.

The objectives of the Conference were to:

  • Promote greater community participation in the attainment of the MDGs in Nigeria.
  • Explore what works, showcase innovative programmes that promote community participation and ownership
  • Provide a platform for forging of new partnerships for community-driven development initiatives
  • Strengthen gender mainstreaming in promoting socio-economic development
  • Propose new and more effective ways of enhancing community participation, ownership and sustainability of development programmes.
  • Build a consensus around a coordinated approach to planning and implementing Community Development programmes in Nigeria.

Observations and Recommendations

  • Grassroots communities are wrongly perceived as illiterate, poor and wretched without capacity to contribute to personal and national development leading to the predominance of western models of intervention driven by people trained in western science and culture;
  • Electoral fraud and political manipulation deprived citizens of the chance to choose their leaders resulting in marginalisation of the people from the governance process;
  • The mandate of Community Development should be clearly specified at all levels from the local level through the LGA, Sates to the Federal level.
  • The local level should be the prime driver of community development in the country, with the active participation of communities, while the Federal and State levels should focus on oversight and coordination;
  • Community media should be established and empowered to promote the information needs of communities;
  • Traditional community organising norms and values should be exploited in tackling corruption and resolving conflicts.

To download the Conference Report, click here

Read or Download Conference Communiqué here

What We Do
  • Enhancing Citizens' Participation in Governance
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  • Biennial National Conference on Community Development (NCCD)
  • Addressing Gender Inequality in Grassroots Communities
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