About us

Our Vision

A society where there is respect for human dignity, socio-political and economic justice, respect for the environment, equity and fairness for all.

Our Mission

To promote Human Development and radically reduce human misery by engaging the people as agents of positive change.

Our Objectives

  • Promote transparency and accountability at the community level by actively engaging the grassroots people.
  • Promote gender equity and empower women increase the access of grassroots people to services and information on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality Transmitted Infections, Reproductive and Sexual health.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • We have the highest respect for diversity
  • Our Respect for Indigenous Knowledge and Culture runs deep and encourage all to look inwards to find the solution to communal problems
  • We are committed to Community Ownership of Development Process and Outcome, making people true guardians of their well-being.

Our Goal

  • Develop a replicable and sustainable model of community level grassroots intervention, and to actively engage development workers, policy makers and other stakeholders in a broad scale replication of that model.
  • Expand the scope of community ownership of population and development intervention.
  • Actively engage the community in sustaining HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities.

How we work

Our Strategy involves reaching the people through existing community institutions and social structures, which create long-term partnerships built on trust and respect. All of this is done in a way which emphasizes joint ownership of the process, empowerment and personal agency.
What We Do
  • Empowering Citizens to Hold Government Accountable
  • Addressing Gender Inequality at the Community Level
  • Sexuality and Life Skills Education for Grassroots Communities
  • Working with Communities to prevent Maternal and Child Death
  • Giving Poor and Vulnerable Children Access to Education